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24K Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial

Welcome to the

Golden Age of Timeless Beauty

Experience an extensive anti-ageing facial treatment that restores youth to your complexion - renew, rejuvenate, and reverse the signs of time to uncover the firm, supple, and smooth skin you always had.

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Restore the youthful qualities to your complexion - regain that velvety smooth touch with a supple bounce.

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How Our Anti Ageing Facial Treatment Works


Reverse time like never before - wrinkles, fine lines, creases - say goodbye to every sign of ageing.

Age-defying ingredients

Nano Gold Elixir

24K Gold Nanoparticles

Contains powerful antioxidant properties that irons out wrinkles & fine lines, restoring a youthful glow to your complexion.

with Argan Oil

A "liquid gold" essence that locks in moisture effectively and is suitable for sensitive skin. It regenerates strength in your skin cells for greater protection.

with Portulaca Oleracea Extract

An anti-inflammatory agent that provides relief to the skin, it reverses and refines wrinkles to a velvety smooth touch.

State-of-the-art beauty tech

Gold-plated Ultrasound Technology

Using a high-level sound wave technology (1MHz to 3MHz), the frequencies penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, enabling both water and fat-soluble active substances to enter the skin easily, allowing your skin absorption to become 10X faster.

10 x faster absorption

24K Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial Treatment Helps To:

Encourages new collagen production
Refines creases, fine lines, & wrinkles
Increases cell metabolism
Non-surgical facelift
Designed with details in mind

15-step Extensive Anti Ageing Facial

We provide a holistic, comprehensive, and thoughtful facial experience that will nourish and care for every pore in your skin. Every step of this luxurious 90-minute of 24K Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial is created for your speific needs.

  1. Skin Checker
  2. Welcome Massage
  3. Removal of Make Up
  4. Double Cleanse
  5. Rose Face Scrub
  6. Hot/Cold Steamer
  7. Extraction
  8. Eyebrows Shaping
  9. HA Cream Mask
  10. Gold Elixir Application
  11. Gold-plated Ultrasound
  12. Neck Face Eye Massage
  13. Shoulder Massage
  14. Floral Mask
  15. Toner, H.A Moisturiser & SPF

Verified Experience

Gold star results for every session


A success story in every complexion

Hear directly from our clients who were able to solve their skin
ageing concerns and elevate their skincare thoroughly.



I see visible results after my first treatment. Overall, my skin is fairer and the pigmentations are lighter as compared to before the facial. The product ingredients are also very soothing for my sensitive skin.

– Laura

Pigmentation & marks


My acne and large pores are my main concern but this facial has greatly minimized it. The beautician was gentle as she used the Ultrasound machine on my face.  She gave a detailed explanation of the treatment.

– Diana

Wrinkles & Fine Lines


The service was so relaxing and soothing. I can see a difference in my wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and lips after the facial. Highly recommended! Looking forward to the next session.

– Lai Ting

Uneven Skin Tone


Post-facial, my skin tone definitely evened out, especially under my eyes and on my cheekbones. Overall, my skin feels lighter, brighter and cleaner. Thank you for such a relaxing and effective facial, Beaute Library!

– Sue



I am very satisfied with the facial and how the products and Ultrasound machine compliment my sensitive skin. I see a lift around my cheeks and jawline, especially after the face massage. Love the Nano Gold Elixir!

– Ker Ling

Dehydrated Skin


Very detailed treatment! My skin is glowing and I appreciate that the beautician went the extra mile to soothe my skin post-extracted. A very pleasant customer experience. Looking forward to my next session!

– Olivia

Your luxurious facial awaits.

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RM 88
/ facial session
Terms & Conditions
  • For first-time customers only
  • 3-month validity from the date of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, feel free to contact us and our customer service team will assist you.

What is the difference between the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial and the Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial?

The Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial is an anti ageing facial treatment specifically designed to combat signs of ageing. It incorporates the purest of 24K Gold Flakes which has healing and restoration benefits, increases collagen production and as a result, tightens & decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A gold-plated Ultrasound machine is then used to massage and facilitate the absorption of the benefits of the gold flakes directly into your skin. This extensive anti-ageing facial treatment with 24k nano gold exudes luxury and extravagance!

Unlike the Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial which is more like your first step into the world of facials, customised to treat an array of concerns such as dry skin, acne, and dark spots which is not directly specific to early signs of ageing.

What are some of the skin concerns that the 24K Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial can help with?

If you have wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, pigmentation and uneven skin tones due to the loss of collagen and harsh weather conditions. If that is the case, then this anti-ageing facial treatment is perfect is for you.

Which should I do first - buy a facial promo or book an appointment?

We highly recommend for you to buy your preferred facial promotion first and then proceed to make a booking either online or via Whatsapp at 012-4730072

The promotional price will keep increasing, therefore purchasing early enables you to lock down that price before the promotion ends. You may refer to the countdown timer for an indication of when the price changes.

I have sensitive skin, will the Nano Gold Elixir irritate my skin?

The Nano Gold Elixir is actually excellent for sensitive skin because it contains argan oil as one of the main ingredients. Argan oil is known for its soothing, moisturising and healing properties.

What is the duration of the 24K Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial?

This anti-ageing facial will take about 90 minutes per session. However, we advise you to spare some additional time for your first visit as we will have a short skin consultation session, using our highly advanced Skin Checker tool to better understand your skin concerns and needs.

What is the grade of the gold used in the Nano Gold Elixir?

We use only officially graded 24K pure gold nanoparticles in our Nano Gold Elixir.

What is the expiration date of my purchase?

The First-Timer promotion has a validity of 3 months.

Please keep updated on for the latest promotional offers. Thus, it is up to when you have made your purchase. You may reach the Customer Service Team for clarifications.

How do I book an appointment after making a purchase?

Please head to to make an online booking and we will contact you for a confirmation. Alternatively, you may also WhatsApp us at 012-4730072 to make an appointment.

How many First Trial Promo can I purchase for Beauté Library?

As a first-time Beauté Library customer, you are entitled to only ONE (1) First Trial Promo across all treatments.

What will happen if I accidentally purchased more than ONE (1) First Trial Promo treatment?

Worry not, you may give the First Trial Promo to someone else. Bear in mind that we cannot refund you as you have already been informed of the terms and conditions prior.