Pure O2 Booster

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Reduced skin-cell turnover and constant stress can lead to rapid skin ageing. Secure your youth & let your skin take on new splendour with our Pure O2 Booster. Featuring Encapsulated Oxygen to detox your pores and improve your skin's elasticity, as well as antibacterial Sunflower Seed Oil to eliminate acne-causing microbes & improve moisture retention. Jojoba Seed Oil is added to reduce redness and irritation caused by excessively dry skin, and improve skin cell repair.

Product Details
· Encapsulated oxygen reduces stress-related signs of ageing & improves its elasticity.
· Eliminates acne-causing microbes to prevent new breakouts.
· Diminishes skin irritation experienced by excessively dry skin.
· Speeds up skin cell recovery time.

Key ingredients:
Encapsulated Oxygen: Pure oxygen that can be used to enhance skin texture and strength.
Sunflower Seed Oil: Cold-pressed from sunflower seeds, this non-comedogenic oil contains soothing and antimicrobial properties.
Jojoba Seed Oil: Cold-pressed from the seeds of the jojoba shrub, this non-comedogenic oil encourages increased skin cell regeneration and repair.

Use one (1) vial for the entire face daily, for day and night.

Suitable for:
All skin types.

Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water immediately. Please keep product refridgerated. Product must be used within 3 days after opening. For external use only.

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DETAILS OF Pure O2 Booster

Reduced skin-cell turnover and detox your pores to improve your skin's elasticity.

how to use

Suitable for All skin types.

Open A New Vial

Tip the contents into your palm.

Apply Directly

Apply the product onto cleansed and toned skin, before moisturiser.

Rub Until Absorb

Allow the product to completely absorb. Use one vial for the entire face daily.