5 Benefits of the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial

5 Benefits of the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial

Tell us about yourself and your skin. Persistent chin acne? Scarring on your cheeks?

When it comes to anti-aging routines, the first things that comes to mind are often retinoids and collagen— and honestly, rightly so too. These products are well known when it comes to anti-aging skincare routines, but perhaps it’s worth thinking of investing in something for the long run.

Much like our brains, the skin is an organ! It’s the biggest one in the human body too, which is why we need to make sure to hydrate and treat it well. 

If sudoku is how we improve the elasticity of our brain, well… let’s just say we have a far simpler method when it comes to your skin’s elasticity ;) 

Introducing our new Nano Gold Age Reversal facial; a 15-step facial that gives you the advantage of returning your skin to its gleaming, youthful prime.

What Is The Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial?

A new, advanced anti-aging facial, the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial stands out from the others for many reasons— especially with its usage of the Nano Gold Elixir (made with argan oil and pure 24-karat gold nanoparticles).

This facial helps to diminish the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes all while improving your skin’s radiance, hydration, collagen production, and elasticity. 

Wasn’t that a mouthful? You’d be surprised to learn that there’s more to it! Here are all the benefits that you’re bound to receive when you try our Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial today.

Proven Results That Are Visible

A facial like never before, the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial gives you immediate, visible results. It’s why we encourage you to observe your skin pre and post result— let it speak for itself! 

Your skin is about to embark on an adventure, made to soothe and melt all your worries away, Sit back, relax; you’re in good hands. Let us handle what comes next.


A Luxurious Experience For The Body

Pampering yourself, treating your skin to what it deserves... that’s what a facial should be about. It’s why the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial is an experience that is far more than your usual spa trip. 


The 15 steps include a meticulous process to ensure that you completely relax your body (as well as fully benefit from the treatment, of course!) in order to immerse yourself. 


The facial includes several massages to soothe the body as well as the mind. After all, you’re only truly relaxing once you’ve knocked out all those kinks and stiffness out of your physique.

Gold Elixir Application


The main highlight of the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial is none other than the application of the Nano Gold Elixir. If it sounds like a magical healing potion, well, it’s because it comes pretty close to one. 

This lustrous ingredient contains powerful anti-oxidants, made to shield your skin from oxidative stress that can cause collagen to break down. It also possesses the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compositions to help aid the renewal of cells and boost blood circulation.

Thanks to that, your skin will now maintain collagen— which ultimately reduces anti-aging properties (AKA wrinkles) and prevents blemishes from forming! Sounds pretty magical, eh? 

Advanced Ultrasound Technology

After the Nano Gold Elixir has seeped through your skin, it’s time to experience the elevated effect of the Gold-Plated Ultrasound Machine. This device uses high level soundwave technology (1MHz to 3MHz) to ensure that the treatment reaches through the multiple layers below the surface of your skin. 


With this, the Gold-Plated Ultrasound Machine helps to stimulate cellular renewal and repair, tone facial muscles, increases blood circulation as well as combats puffiness. It’s not known as the “non-surgical facelift” machine for nothing.


The heat that is generated from the machine during the treatment also helps to increase cellular metabolism, which in turn detoxifies tissues for a skin tightening effect with improved elasticity. 


You’ll practically be receiving a painless and non-invasive facelift!

Nourishing Floral Masks and Hydrating Moisturisers

Slip right into comfort as we drape you with our floral masks, all made from fresh petals and a mix of marine collagen and pearl powder. Formulated for facial lifting, skin soothing, and brightening skin tone: the skin therapist will select the best one to nourish your skin for a firmer look. 


The fresh floral scent is then followed by the rose water toner, which returns the skin to its original PH level. We then treat the skin to our bestselling  H.A. Lock Moisturiser, which disperses into dewy droplets of moisture to ensure that hydration is sealed in place. 


Of course, we couldn’t leave out SPF35. With the intense South East Asian heat battering down on us, it’s crucial to protect your skin against UV rays and photodamage. 


We made sure to include it as the final step before you conclude your entire skin-venture with the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial.

Why You Should Get The Nano Gold Age Reversal  Facial

Aging is inevitable— it happens to everyone! Wrinkles and fine lines are as natural as stretch marks and dark circles; and here is why we can help with that. By supplying your skin with the right minerals and anti-oxidants, the early signs of aging can be prevented. 


Prepare your skin for the years to come by investing in it and you’ll find your future self thank you later on. We can’t quite go back in time just yet but who’s to say we can’t work that magic on your skin? 


Book an appointment with Beauté Library today and try the Nano Gold Age Reversal Facial for yourself to see what it’s all about! 

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