Your Guide To: The Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial

Your Guide To: The Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial

One of the most emergent trends in the skincare industry has been the rise of personalised skincare. After all, the idea of creating a skincare routine that is uniquely yours is incredibly appealing. Not to mention that personalised skincare has been proven to be more effective in treating all skin concerns.

But can facials be customised the same way? Of course.

In fact, personalisation forms the very cornerstone of our Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial experience. With 96 different treatment combinations, you're sure to find a facial to suit your skin's needs.

Why is personalisation important? 

Personalising your skincare is crucial as there isn't a one-size fits all routine that works for everyone. Environmental and lifestyle factors, as well as genetics, hormones and preexisting health conditions, contribute to your unique skin composition. As such, tailored skincare is used to reflect your specific needs, promoting effective results and healthier skin in the long-run.

For instance, using anti-aging serums to treat wrinkles specifically ensures that your skin is receiving a precise formulation of compatible ingredients developed to improve its condition. In turn, you'll avoid other compounds that may otherwise cause irritation or damage. The same principle applies to your facials too.

By personalising your skincare, you are empowered with the knowledge and choice to pick what works for you. And that results in better-looking skin around the clock, without the messy guesswork. 



How do I personalise my facial?

At Beaute Library, our Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial can be customized with 96 possible treatment combinations. This starts from a comprehensive 13-step facial that includes double-cleansing, toning, extraction,  among other prerequisite steps. We then complement it with the use of 4 Skin Devices and 4 Floral Masks.

The personalization journey begins with an in-depth skin consultation. A trained facialist will analyse your face with a diagnostic tool to provide you with a comprehensive report on your skin's condition. They will then customize your facial experience accordingly by selecting one device and one mask each, before explaining each step to you in detail. Each facial session lasts up to 120-minutes.


What are Skin Devices? 

Our Skin Devices are advanced dermatological technologies used to provide optimum results in the least amount of time possible. Each device has been tested to meet high standards of safety, and are completely non-invasive.

Aqua Cool

Low temperatures emitted by the Aqua Cool device shrink capillaries under the skin to strengthen collagen fibers while reducing skin irritation & inflammation.


By using 3Mhz ultrasonic waves, this device induces improved cell metabolism and stimulates enhanced microcirculation to diminish the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines.

Rainbow Glow

Using 5 different LED colour therapy modes, the Rainbow Glow device induces collagen generation in the skin layers. It also improves collagen regeneration in the skin.

Hot Micro Sonic

Combining Acoustic Vibration technology with Heat Therapy, the Hot Micro Sonic device relaxes your facial muscles & promotes improved skin elasticity.

What are Floral Masks? 


We create our award-winning Floral Masks with a combination of dehydrated flower buds and hydrolyzed collagen. Applied over cleansed skin in a gel form, the masks will eventually dry into a non-sticky jelly layer. When peeled away, supple and hydrated skin is revealed underneath.


Rose Crystal Radiant Mask

Infused with rose flower extract and rose petals, this mask is formulated to hydrate and brighten your skin.

Cherry Crystal Rejuvenating Mask

A dual effect mask that nourishes and hydrates your skin, especially suitable for those experiencing dry skin.

Chamomile Crystal Clarifying Mask

A face mask that draws from the soothing benefits of chamomile flowers to alleviate skin irritation.

Lavender Crystal Calming Mask

Perfect for oily skin, this mask balances sebum production in the skin while it's relaxing scent helps reduce stress levels.

How long does each facial take? 


Every Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial session lasts for 120-minutes. This includes your initial consultation with our expert facialists, as well as your full 13-step facial and a post-facial review.

Is my skin suitable for a Beaute Chronologie Facial? 


Our Beaute Chronologie: Essential Facial has been created to address 10 core skin concerns. Through experience with our clients, we have identified these 10 concerns to be the ones most commonly experienced by Asian skin-types. Should your skin experience any combination of these concerns, then the answer is 'yes', your skin is suitable for a Beaute Chronologie Facial.


The 10 concerns include:

  1. Premature skin ageing
  2. Acne scars
  3. Blackheads/clogged pores
  4. Fine lines and wrinkles
  5. Dark eye circles
  6. Sagging skin
  7. Sunspots
  8. Acne
  9. Enlarged pores
  10. Uneven skin texture

What benefits can I expect? 


With a personalised facial, you can expect each session to effectively address and tackle the exact concerns your skin is experiencing. Your complexion will look cleaner, brighter, and feel more hydrated. Skin tightness and dullness is diminished, while mild areas of irritation are soothed and appear less inflamed.  And with gentle extraction, your pores will also look more refined too, with less blackheads.

But for sustainable, long-term results, you are recommended to consult with our expert facialists to determine a schedule that works best for your skin.


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